"Always on the move to improve your skills and reach your goals"

​Consultancy services in business and communication

Interlocutum SARL is a Luxembourgish company providing sales and language training solutions to companies and individuals.

In order to be as efficient and successful as possible in business and communication, you need to know whom you are dealing with and adapt your approach accordingly.

We have a long experience in international business, starting up and developing new and existing businesses on different markets in Europe using several languages as working languages. 

In addition, our long experience in using several working languages has inspired us to develop efficient language training solutions.

For Interlocutum business knowledge and communication skills are strongly linked in order to be successful in international business. It is our firm belief that in order to be really successful in the international market, you need to speak the language and have deep knowledge of both the general culture and the business culture of the market. In short you should know your interlocutor and his or her environment. Naturally it is of course also important to have good knowledge of the products and the services provided together with a well-developed contact net.

In this respect we at Interlocutum think that there is much more to be done in international business. Often international companies do not use the spoken language on the market in their business where they are present, they use instead a common third language, which is often English. This can of course work fairly well, however, it is not an optimal situation in order to create long-term business relations. 

For Interlocutum the goal is always to create a win-win business relationship with the clients and partners bringing an added value to their businesses in order to achieve a fruitful and a long-term collaboration. Indeed, we are always on the move to improve your skills and reach your goals.